It is a well-established fact that buyers begin their real estate search online. According to the Properties Online 2015 Real Estate Tech Trends report 92% of buyers started their search online, and 44% found the home they purchased online. Every agency puts their listings online, and the audience of potential buyers moves from listing to listing and site to site — potentially without ever having connected with a buyer’s agent.

This trend presents a unique problem for real estate agents; raising the question, how can you give your listing a boost that makes it the most visible and accessible online? Matterport 3D tours have answered this call to action by providing an immersive experience to homebuyers through the use of virtual reality technology.

Matterport 3D tours are an invaluable resource for providing a 24/7 Open House, making it easier than ever to explore a property. 3D tours have proven to generate 97% more inquiries — quickly becoming the single most important advance in marketing technology for real estate agents who have embraced this emerging trend.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is a proprietary camera and software system that brings the best of video and photography into 3D virtual reality. The core of the Matterport business is the Matterport Pro 3D Camera. The camera is an impressive force of technology that captures both color and depth. A cloud-based system, Matterport instantly uploads the images and converts them to the interactive 3D system, creating “Matterport 3D Spaces.”

Matterport 3D spaces are an immersive virtual reality experience that surpasses prior, more primitive iterations of the technology. Matterport not only allows buyers to virtually navigate a property, it offers a complete interactive experience of the space and layout with the Dollhouse View.

How Matterport Works for You

With all of my options, why choose Matterport? Matterport can be used to market commercial, residential and new construction real estate effectively and with an efficiency not previously available. By utilizing Matterport to promote your current listings, you are also advertising yourself to future clients that you are on the cutting edge of real estate technology.

Connect with Buyers

You make up your mind about new acquaintance within the first fifteen seconds of meeting them. The same is true when a potential client is viewing listings online; you have 15 seconds to wow them before they move onto the next. Users spend 3X more time on site when a 3D Tour is included. Matterport virtually places the potential buyer in your listing. They can open the front door, stand at the kitchen sink, or walk down the hall counting the bedrooms for their children to sleep in. By placing the buyers in the home, you are forging an emotional connection which will, in turn, generate a potential inquiry. You are also verifying the interest of buyers who pursue a showing — they already liked it enough online to come view it in person. Could a thumbnail photo accomplish all this?

Attract Quality Listings

Buyers aren’t the only future clients looking at your listing photography, professional listing photography also invests in future listing clients. Buyers and Sellers find their real estate agents online — precisely 70% of sellers and 75% of buyers. By showcasing your current listings inventory with a cutting edge technology like Matterport, you are showcasing yourself as an expert in your field. In real estate, the way you handle your existing listings and clients establishes your brand, attracting potential new customer to the listings online that are attached to your name.

This Sounds Expensive…

Virtual reality used to be extremely cost prohibitive. Until Matterport, getting a full interior scan used to require a camera that would cost upwards of $50,000. Matterport didn’t just stop at the camera; they have developed proprietary software to complete the consumer’s virtual experience. The result? A consistent and satisfactory virtual experience explored by over 1.2 million unique viewers per month, these views have translated into over 80,000,000 in-person visits.

Hiring a Matterport Photographer

Hometrack Real Estate Marketing is dedicated to providing Realtors® with the highest quality products and services — professional real estate photography, custom design, and short-run printing — to facilitate the sale or rental of residential and commercial properties. Their talented team of professional photographers and skilled designers offer personalized service and fast turnaround times.